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To lead in today’s cross-channel commerce environment, your IT infrastructure must serve and capture data from every customer, across every online and offline touchpoint.

arvato OMS is a cross-channel commerce management solution that connects the partners, processes and systems you use to deliver great customer experiences and exceptional service. Think of it as the centralized customer data and order management hub that holds your cross-channel commerce operation together. 

The arvato Order Management systems connects data generated from all your customer touchpoints to the service network that processes, manages and fulfills orders. It provides you with a 360° view of the customer and order journey, from initial information gathering, to product returns and repeat purchases.

It also connects easily to your existing eCommerce infrastructure, including a wide range of ERP systems. And it enables flexible reporting tailored to your specific requirements.

The result is efficient cross-channel commerce and effective order management, from and to any channel.  

arvato OMS has been designed with 5 key principles in mind:

  1. Internationality: arvato OMS features built-in support for multiple clients, currencies, languages and tax regimes to enable fast international deployment without a redesign
  2. Ease-of-use: Web-based interfaces ensure arvato Order Management System tools are intuitive to use but still powerful, with advanced search and filtering capabilities
  3. Security: Each user’s view of order management data and processes is governed by role-based security parameters that prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data
  4. Automation: arvato OMS automates many of the processes required to ensure efficient cross-channel commerce and order management, including communication within the arvato OMS environment through a template-based email editor, featuring text building blocks and support for multiple languages
  5. Visibility: arvato OMS provides users with centralized customer data, and a complete overview of key KPIs such as top sellers, which can be changed or expanded – in other words, a single source of truth for the cross-channel commerce processes that support the entire customer journey.

arvato OMS' core technology platform is the order management hub that connects you with cross-channel commerce success.   

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arvato OMS' modular structure enables you to build your cross-channel commerce infrastructure at your own pace.   


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It is so easy to connect your brick-and-mortar establishment with your e-business.

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